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This is the place for you.

Coffee masters, coffee lovers, baristas and plant-based passionistas, the woke and the willing, this is the place for you.

It's the cosy coffee shop in your pocket, where there's always a warm welcome and a table free. It's mostly about coffee. But not exclusively. No respectable menu's complete without chai or kombucha, after all.

It's where the future is being created. Because the future of coffee is plant-based, and you'll find all the knowledge and know how you need to make the most of it, right here, right now.
It's a place to perfect your craft with recipes and step by step masterclasses from the best in the business, all over the world.

It's the place to showcase your own talent, too. Created something special? We all want to know about it. Meet the people behind the machines. Meet each other. A barista's life is never boring! Tell us your stories.

So grab yourself a brew, take a break and take a look. And if you like what you see, come on in, join the family!


Inspire us with your insights, and together we’ll shape the future of barista drinks.

Plant-based is the word and the taste on everybody’s lips. It’s already opened up whole new worlds of flavour for coffee pros and passionistas. Now’s your chance to be one of the movers and shakers who decides where it goes next. All you have to do is ...

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Even the best baristas get out from behind the counter occasionally. Find out what makes ours tick, apart from great coffee!