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The 'Win De Longhi La Specialista machine' prize draw(hereinafter referred to as 'the Prize Draw) is organised by Alpro UK  Ltd (hereinafter referred to as 'Alpro'), whose registered office is located at 1 Trinity Park, Bickenhill Lane, Birmingham B37 7ES, United Kingdom without any obligation to buy a product.


2.1. The Prize Draw is open to all natural persons resident in the UK, except for:

- members of Alpro's permanent or temporary staff with an internal or interim contract; 

- staff members of non-related companies who have participated in the organisation of the Prize Draw. 

- the family members of the above (i.e. members of one and the same family or persons living at the same address) are not allowed to participate

If at the time of participation, the participant is under 18 years of age, he/she must have the explicit approval of his/her parents and/or guardian and present this approval upon request by Alpro. 

2.2.  The Prize Draw runs from 16/4/2021 to 23/4/2021 inclusive. 

2.3. To participate, the participant must :

  1. Follow the Alpro Barista account

  2. Like the giveaway post on the Alpro Barista account

  3. Tag a friend in the comments underneath the giveaway post

To gain more chances of winning, the participant can tag multiple people in the comment. If the participant follows the account, likes the post, and tags one friend, they will have gained one chance to win one of the prizes. If the participant has tagged two friends and meets the other conditions, he or she will receive two chances and so on. 

Only comments published up to and including April 23 will be considered. Late entries will not be accepted and will therefore not be considered to win a prize. Alpro reserves the right to reject entries that do not meet the conditions specified in these rules or if the information provided by the entrant is incorrect. 


3.1. The Prize Draw will be announced online on Alpro’s Instagram account.

3.2. Participation in the Prize Draw is free of charge 

3.3 Each person may participate once in this Prize Draw.  


4.1. Among all participants, 3 prizes will be offered:

  1. De Longhi La Specialista machine, 3-bag coffee hamper from Girls Who Grind Coffee, x1 case of each Alpro Barista product (Oat Gluten Free, Soya, Coconut, Almond)

  2. 6 month subscription to Girls Who Grind Coffee, x1 case of each Alpro Barista product (Oat Gluten Free, Soya, Coconut, Almond)

  3. 3 month subscription to Girls Who Grind Coffee, x1 case of each Alpro Barista product (Oat Gluten Free, Soya, Coconut, Almond)

4.2. The prize cannot be exchanged for another prize or for cash. 

ARTICLE 5 - Winners - award of the prize 

5.1. The winners of this Prize Draw will be selected by a computer process producing verifiably random results under supervision of an independent person. 

5.2. The winners will be contacted personally via Instagram at the end of the Prize Draw. 

5.3. The winners will be announced on the same giveaway post as a comment after confirming the winners and their information.  

5.4. If the winners do not respond to the request to pass on their details within 2 working days, the prize will be awarded to another participant. 


6.1. The rules can be requested through the marketing department of Alpro. 

6.2. By participating in the Prize Draw, each participant fully and unreservedly accepts these rules, as well as any decision taken by the organisers of this Prize Draw to ensure the smooth running of this Prize Draw. 


7.1. The organisers of this Prize Draw reserve the right to modify the rules of this Prize Draw or to cancel it for reasons of force majeure, without this giving rise to any compensation for the participants or for the winners of the Prize Draw. 

7.2. Except in the case of gross negligence or intentional misconduct, Alpro, its staff and any third parties involved in the Prize Draw are not liable for any damages of any kind arising from the participation in or the organisation of this Prize Draw.

ARTICLE 8 - Personal data  

8.1. By taking part in the Prize Draw, each participant agrees that his/her entry may be transmitted to Alpro for the selection of the winners. 

8.2. When participating in the Prize Draw, no information will be requested or stored from the participant, nor will it be used for marketing purposes. No other information regarding the Prize Draw will be passed on other than to inform the winners of the prize he/she has won. Therefore, no response will be given to letters, phone calls, faxes, e-mails or any other electronic communication regarding the Prize Draw. 

8.3 The winners agree that their personal data (name, address, mail) will be used only for the delivery of the prizes.

8.4. All personal data that comes into Alpro’s possession following the Prize Draw shall be treated as confidential and shall be processed in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. The winners agree to the processing of their provided personal data for purposes essential for the execution of the Prize Draw, being the identification of the winners and the distribution of the prizes.

8.5. Participants have the right to verify their data and to have incorrect data corrected by sending an email via the contact form on the website (www.alpro.com/uk/contact) or by sending a letter to the address of the registered office of Alpro.


In the event that fraud is established, the participant will be excluded from the award of the prize that he/she would have been entitled to, without prejudice to any legal proceedings.


The laws of England and Wales areapplicable to this Prize Draw and these rules.

ARTICLE 11 : Varia

11.1. Printing, spelling and typographical errors excepted

11.2. The participant acknowledges that the Prize Drawis being organized by Alpro and not by Instagram. Therefore, Instagram cannot be held liable in any way for elements that relate to the Prize Draw.

 Alpro acknowledges that Instagram does not sponsor, endorse or administer the Prize Draw in any way and is in no way associated with it.

The participant provides his/her personal data to Alpro and not to Instagram.

11.3. Alpro’s terms of use and privacy policy apply to this Prize Draw and can be found at .