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Coffee Spirits Champion - Christos Klouvatos

Tuesday 13 June

Shake up your cocktails with some plant-based

We’re very proud to have a special guest in our booth at WOC Athens 2023: Christos Klouvatos. He’s an expert mixologist and award-winning champ: two times Greek Coffee in Good Spirits Champion 2020/2023 and finalist at World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship 2022.

Who better than him can be our guiding spirit in the realm of coffee mixology?

If you’re looking for a definition, mixology is a profession with ancient origins. And from the 19th century it started to require specific knowledge and skills to find the best balance between alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients in cocktails.

When coffee gets involved with spirits we can talk about coffee mixology: an emerging trend particularly interesting for baristas and barkeepers, to experiment and innovate with new ingredients that go perfectly together.

Christos Klouvatos’ dream was to create abridge between coffee and spirits and to redefine the identity of coffee. And we think his dream is becoming true.

Curiosity and experimentation animate Christos Klouvatos art: “My love is to blend ingredients and because there is a very conscious lifestyle during these days, now I love to try to blend plant-based beverages in my cocktails to create something unique, like an alternative "Espresso Martini" and other cocktails with plant-based beverages that I hope you will come to taste”!

We’ll have some fun together tasting Christos Klouvatos creations! Join us and cheer up your spirit at the Alpro booth (2-R21) with some coffee-based cocktails prepared with plant-based beverages.

When? Save these dates!

  • Thursday June 22, 15:00-16:30

  • Saturday June 24, 14:00-15:30

Don’t miss the appointments with Christos Klouvatos, he really wants to share his passion with other Baristas. Pro techniques and great tips about mixology and coffee will not miss, that’s for sure.

Take a look at the recipes of the cocktails he will prepare in Alpro’s boot.

Which one will be your fave?

  • Alexander
    Gin, Alpro Barista Oat, White Chocolate Syrup, Brazilian Espresso, Nutmeg

  • Madagascar
    Aged Rum, Alpro Barista Coconut, Vanilla syrup, Ethiopian espresso, Dark chocolate

See you at Alpro stand 2-R21 for a coffee-based cocktail and more fun stuff!