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Kafekopteia Loumidi

Wednesday 07 June

Roasting since 1920

Did you know that Kafekopteia Loumidi is an historical coffee brand rich in emotional value in Greece? It is more than just a roastery: Kafekopteia Loumidi masters the art of coffee from screening and processing the beans, to roasting, blending, grinding and obviously brewing fresh coffee.

Take a sip of tradition

While you are in Athens don’t lose the chance to visit their Coffee Brew Bar in Aiolou Street. We know you're busy! But you won’t regret trying the briki: this typical Greek beverage, as well as Turkish coffee, is prepared by boiling coffee beans in water using a particular brass pot.

Why do we like Kafekopteia Loumidi?

Kafekopteia Loumidi’s mission is to preserve coffee culture and tradition. Their aim is to constantly create and innovate by offering holistic coffee experiences in all their sales channels. Innovation and trend anticipation are also part of Alpro’s aim, that’s why Kafekopteia Loumidi will be one of Alpro’s partners at the World of Coffee Athens 2023.

Why Kafekopteia Loumidi likes us?

Pouring some plant-based beverages into an historical coffee blend: what a great way to show how tradition and innovation can pair wonderfully, especially in a cup of coffee. 

During the World of Coffee events, Kafekopteia Loumidi head Barista Thanos Klouvatos will create some amazing combinations of premium coffees with Alpro products. 

“I am a firm believer that plant-based beverages naturally have a wide variety of flavors for our taste palette. When I first combined plant-based beverages with my coffee, new flavors came to the surface and that was something that caught my attention…”.

Where to grab something deliciously plant-based?

Remember to make a stop at the Roasters Village (Table 40) and of course join us at Alpro Booth 2-R21 (on Friday June 23) to grab a Kafekopteia Loumidi plant-based brew that’ll keep you coming back for more!

Take a look at Thanos Klouvatos’s recipes: he wants to surprise you with specific aromatic notes. Which one will be your fave?

  • Espresso on the rocks 
    Alpro Barista Soya + KL Espresso Brazil
    Notes of Chocolate, Caramel, Roasted Nuts & Citrus

  • Cold Brew Ethiopia
    Alpro Barista Coconut +  KL Espresso Ethiopia
    Notes of Forest Fruits, Chocolate Liqueur & Cherry

  • Cold Brew Colombia 
    Alpro Barista Almond + KL Cold Brew Colombia
    Notes of Cherry, Caramel, Plum and Apricot Jam

  • Flat white Ethiopia
    Alpro Barista Oat + KL Espresso Ethiopia
    Notes of Forest Fruits, Chocolate Liqueur & Cherry

Want to know more about Kafekopteia Loumidi?
Check out the roastery on Instagram and Facebook.

See you at Alpro stand 2-R21 for a coffee and more fun stuff!