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Official WBC Base Camp hosted by Eurogat

Sunday 18 June

As the World Barista Championship 2023 kicks off, we're supporting the Official WBC Base Camp hosted by Eurogat, the place to be for baristas to practise before the competitions.

What's a Base Camp?

The national champions from different countries came here, from June 16 to 20, for the training sessions in preparation for the upcoming competition.

Eurogat provides the biggest and more recently renewed barista accessories collection: tools and gadgets that help inspired baristas to reveal their skills and to bring their ideas to perfection.

Tampers, pitchers, frothers, brewing devices, kettles, grinders, scales: everything they wanted to try but were too shy to ask!

Eurogat: promoting the profession of baristas ever since

Eurogat started its operations in 1991 and is one of the leading greek companies in the sector of professional coffee machines and bar equipment at HO.RE.CA industry.

From the early days of its establishment, the Eurogat recognized the significance of promoting the profession of baristas. Such a big attention to baristas and coffee is deeply shared by Alpro and that's why we're one of the WBC Base Camp Official Sponsors.

We're thrilled to meet talented baristas from all over the world during these days and support them to create perfect plant-based brews. We hope to see lots of baristas using Alpro products on the WBC stage!