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TDS Coffee Roasters

Monday 12 June

Select the best and treat it with respect

TDS Coffee Roasters is a coffee brand totally focused on researching, evaluating, roasting and sourcing high quality raw green coffee. Their aim is to offer the best selection of Premium & Specialty coffee to you, baristas.

TDS Coffee Roasters have their laboratory in Patras, Greece, but their research often takes them to the Ecuadorian countries. Here they build relationships with people right where the life of the best coffee beans begins.

When there is so much knowledge and awareness around a topic, it is impossible not to share it: that’s why TDS Coffee Roasters holds courses and seminars also authorized by SCA.

Why do we like TDS Coffee Roasters?

Good coffee depends on good relationships” is the philosophy and ethical practice behind the selection of TDS Coffee Roasters products for Premium & Specialty coffee.

Such a big attention to human and environmental values is deeply shared by Alpro and that’s why TDS Coffee Roasters will be one of Alpro’s partners at the World of Coffee Athens 2023.

Why TDS Coffee Roasters likes us?

Alpro’s plant-based beverages can add a unique twist to TDS Coffee Roasters products.

We can’t wait to see their head Barista Thanos Aggelopoulos combining their Premium and Specialty coffee with some plant-based deliciousness. And you?

Curious to taste their coffee?

Remember to visit the TDS Coffee Roasters stand in the Roaster Village and join us at the Alpro stand (Boot 2-R21), on Thursday June 22, to get a taste of it.

Discover the plant-based brews, created and crafted to perfection by Thanos Aggelopoulos for you:

  • Kenyan coffee with Alpro Barista Soya: the fruity (sweet orange, bergamot, chocolate, tea) acidity notes (hot coffee).

  • Costa Rica coffee with Alpro Barista Almond: caramel, red grape, lemongrass, fruity notes (hot coffee).

  • Rwanda coffee with Alpro Barista Oat: choco milk and medium acidity notes (iced coffee).

  • Indian coffee with Alpro Barista Coconut: tangerine, blackcurrant, pine honey, peppery flavor, nut like walnut, with medium acidity notes (iced coffee).

See you at Alpro stand 2-R21 for a coffee and more fun stuff!