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Almond Cascara Fizz

A sophisticated soda with nicely fruity notes and a hint of caffeine.

Step by Step

Step 1

Fill the glass with ice cubes.


For maximum chill factor, pre-cool the glasses with ice cubes before you use them

Step 2

Add the cascara syrup and Alpro Almond for Professionals.

Making the cascara syrup:

Max out the coffee experience with this fruity syrup made from the outer parts of the coffee cherry.


  • 100ml water

  • 100g sugar

  • 50g dried cascara

Step by step:

  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a saucepan.

  2. Bring to the boil, stirring all the time

  3. Simmer for 3 minutes

  4. Strain through a sieve and cool

Step 3

Pour in the sparkling water.

Step 4

Stir and serve.

The Essentials

Here's what you need before you get brewing.

50ml Alpro Almond For Professionals

15ml cascara syrup

100ml sparkling water

Ice Cubes

300ml glass to serve

Almond Cascara Fizz

"Finish with a slice of lemon for a little extra zest."

Seulki Lee

Seulki Lee

Berlin, Germany

Barista Notes

You can buy cascara syrup ready-made, but making your own means you can experiment with cascara from different coffee varieties – they each have their own distinct flavour.


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