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Almondy Cold Brew With Mint

Refreshingly cool, refreshingly different!

Step by Step

Step 1

Smash 3-4 mint leaves in a tall glass.

Step 2

Add ice cubes and the cold brew coffee.

Step 3

Top with 100-150ml of the chilled almond drink.

Step 4

Garnish with a sprig of mint

The Essentials

Here's what you need before you get brewing.

100-150ml of Alpro Barista Almond, chilled

150-200ml cold brew coffee

Sprigs of fresh mint

4-5 ice cubes

Tall glass


"The best cold brew for this would be from low acidity beans like Costa Rica, Salvador, Nicaragua or from naturally processed Ethiopia."

Ɓukasz GaƂęcki

Ɓukasz GaƂęcki

Warsaw, Poland

Barista Notes

Made with Mediterranean almonds, Alpro Barista Almond adds the perfect light note to this summery coffee combo.

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