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Toffee Banoffee Dalgona

One little indulgence that wears a healthy halo!

Step by Step

Step 1

Smash the banana in a bowl with a fork, along with the sugar-free caramel flavouring.

Step 2

In the other bowl, whisk the aquafaba until you get soft peaks.

Step 3

Add the banana mix to the aquafaba and gently fold the two together until all ingredients are combined.

Step 4

Put 3 ice cubes in a glass and pour over the Alpro Barista Almond.

Step 5

Top with the banana mix and finish with the banana slices.

The Essentials

Here's what you need before you get brewing.

1 ripe banana (approx. 80g)

3 drops sugar-free caramel flavouring or 10ml (sugar free) caramel syrup

125 mL aquafaba

Ice Cubes

150ml Alpro Barista Almond

Garnish: 2 banana slices

2 bowls




Barista Notes

"Gently does it when you create the topping to keep it light and frothy."

Nicolas Pastellopoulos

Nicolas Pastellopoulos

London, UK

Barista Notes

Alpro Barista Almond and banana are a match made in plant-based heaven!

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