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Create the perfect latte art rosetta

Always wanted to do this fancy pantsy design? Find out how to create the perfect latte rosetta every time. Busy, busy but got a few seconds to spare? Take a look at the quick and instant version. Want to take it slower? Check out the step by step scenes and we'll take you through it one expert move at a time. Watch, skip, repeat, impress!

The Essentials


  • Coffee
  • Plant-based drink of choice


  • Espresso machine
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Tamper & Tampingmat
  • Knockbox
  • Brush
  • 2 Pitchers
  • 3 Cloths
  • Cups/glasses, saucers & spoons

The method: in 3 simple steps

Step 1

  • Prepare your espresso(s) and steam your plant-based drink.

Step 2

  • Tilt your cup and create a canvas, like pouring a ‘brown cappuccino’.

Step 3

  • When the cup is 3/4 full, pause for a moment and then start pouring into the centre of the cup, wiggling from left to right, pushing out the base of the rosetta towards the front of the cup.

  • Slowly start moving to the back of the cup, still wiggling sideways while gradually levelling off your cup.

  • To finish the rosetta, lift the pitcher and ‘cut’ though the middle of the pattern towards the front of the cup.


"Accidentally created too much foam? Just pour a little of the excess out of the pitcher before you start pouring your latte."

Chiara Bergonzi

Chiara Bergonzi

Milan, Italy

Barista Notes

Before pouring patterns, start with a little pitcher practice. Pour a 'brown' and a 'white' cappuccino and build up your control – and confidence!


It's your call

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