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Hey Barista, the future is plant-based. It’s official! 

This year, at the World Barista Championship in Athens and for the first time ever, competitors will be allowed to use plant-based in the Milk Based Beverage category. 

Plant-based head-to-head with traditional milks? We know who we’ll be rooting for!

Many changes have been announced for the World Barista Championship that will take place in Athens, Greece on June 22-24 during the Athens World Coffee Championships 2023 and some of them will bring great innovation to the competitions. That means it’s time to feed your plant-based knowledge, whether you’re competing or not.

And guess what? As plant-based pioneers, Alpro is more than happy to be part of this revolution. How? Alpro is the first-ever plant-based beverage sponsor at the 2023 World Barista Championship, in Athens and it will be at the event, feeding the love of plant-based with tastings and demos delivered by coffee gurus Damian Burgess and Merijn Gijsbers.

Come by and say hi on stand 2-R21 and discover the amazing possibilities of plant-based in coffee. And a whole lot of other new and exciting ways to enjoy drinking plants.

The future is plant-based, and you’re right there out front!